Database of Stock Warrants

Warm sand between your toes. Floating in the still ocean while watching a sea turtle meander on the crystal clear ocean floor 30 feet below.

stockwarrantshq turtleThe smell of a new car, that smells even better because you just paid cash for it.

Humming along on the Acela train from D.C. to New York, while playing cards with your daughter, and looking forward to an awesome weekend in the city.

Each of those images comes to mind when I think about warrant trading, because the extra money that warrant trading brought to my account gave all of those experiences to me and my family. But the money to live each of those moments in time all started with diligently maintaining a list of warrants.

But, compiling a list of stock warrants and warrant terms takes TIME (something most of us don’t have) and an understanding of often arcane SEC filings (something most of us don’t want). But if sifting through hundreds of stock listings to pick out the warrants isn’t your idea of a fun Friday night, I’ve got good news for you. I’ve sifted through them for you! Now you can receive an up to date list of all warrants trading on the NASDAQ National Market and NYSE every month.

“Thank you for the Comprehensive Stock Warrant List! It was a real time saver.”  –Tony M. from New York

“Thank you, thank you. This cost about the same as a few option trades, and it saved me hours and hours. And the eBook was great! I loved your use of humor in the book.”  –Jack S. from Indiana

“This list saved me a ton of time and I found two warrants for companies I was going to invest in that I didn’t even know had warrants. I leveraged my investment and made 10% in a month when the stock moved up 4%. Just paid for my vacation this year!”  –Shannon G. from California

“This list of warrants was a great value for me. Thank you, and thank you for all the information you share for free on your warrant site.”  –Amit J. from South Carolina

This comprehensive database of warrants gives you the company name, symbol, warrant symbol, unit symbol, strike price, expiration date, and more for:

  • All warrants trading on the NYSE
  • All warrants trading on he NASDAQ National Market
  • All SPACs trading on the NYSE, and
  • All SPACs trading on the NASDAQ National Market

In all that’s around 100 warrants / units currently trading (the exact number varies as warrants are added and expire). You’ll receive an updated list of warrants at the beginning of the month each month for one year. The list of warrants includes only U.S. traded warrants and doesn’t include pink sheet / bulletin board warrants.


In addition to the warrant database subscription, you’ll also receive my book, Grow and Protect Your Money with Stock Warrants. Here you’ll learn all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past 20 years.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through:

  • Warrant Arbitrage
  • The Percentage Hedge (sounds scarier than it is)
  • Trading a Warrant Expiration
  • Trading a Rights Offering
  • Trading a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company)
  • …and more


You’ll also get my Warrant Checklist. This is the checklist I have personally developed to guide you through exactly what to do from the second you find a warrant that may be a money maker!

This checklist is invaluable, and has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes when trading warrants. This checklist, used in conjunction with the warrant database and my Grow and Protect book is all you’ll ever need to make money trading stock warrants.

In all you’ll receive:

  • The Complete Stock Warrant Database FOR ONE FULL YEAR, UPDATED MONTHLY
  • Grow and Protect Your Money with Stock Warrants, and
  • The Warrant Checklist

Thank you in advance for your purchase! And, if you ever have any questions, as always, I’m happy to talk warrants any time. Click “Add to Cart” below and put some warm sand between your toes.

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8 Responses to Database of Stock Warrants

  1. Greg says:

    How many pages is your book and what format is it in?

  2. ND says:

    Do you have plans to include OTC stocks ?

  3. patrick daly says:

    Is the annual subscription fee $127?
    Do I receive the database as soon as I sign up?
    Is the database emailed to me or do I access a secure website?
    Are the monthly updates emailed to me or do I access a secure website?
    Do you have a monthly or quarterly fee instead of the annual fee?

    thanks Patrick

    • Steven Adams says:

      Hi Patrick,
      Thank you for your questions! Yes, $127 is for one year of database updates. You will receive a link to download the latest database immediately upon payment. Then, on the first of each month (at a minimum) you will receive an updated copy of the database with any new warrants that came out that month, via email. There is no additional fee for all of the updates for one year after paying the one time fee of $127.00.

      Again, thanks for the great questions!

  4. Amit Loomba says:

    HI, im interested but am not comfortable putting my credit card info, do you accept any other form of payment, maybe paypal? Thanks

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