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Warm sand between your toes. Floating in the still ocean while watching a sea turtle meander on the crystal clear ocean floor 30 feet below.

stockwarrantshq turtleThe smell of a new car, that smells even sweeter because you just paid cash for it.

Humming along on the Acela train from D.C. to New York, while playing cards with your daughter, and looking forward to a family weekend in the city visiting your old haunts.

Each of those experiences come to mind when I think about warrant trading, because warrant trading paid for them.

But, to get to the point of being able to enjoy those experiences, I had to have two things. First, I had to learn how to trade warrants, and second, I had to diligently maintain a list of warrants and their terms. I’m confident you can do both of these things just like I did.

First, let’s talk about maintaining a list of warrants and terms.

Putting together a list of stock warrants and warrant terms takes TIME (something most of us don’t have) and an understanding of often arcane SEC filings (something most of us don’t want). With a constantly changing warrant landscape, you have to stay on top of the list, it’s definitely not set-and-forget.

If sifting through hundreds of stock listings to pick out the warrants isn’t your idea of a fun Friday night, I’ve got good news for you. I’ve sifted through them for you! Now, by joining Stock Warrants HQ below, you can have access to my continously updated list of all warrants trading on the NASDAQ National Market and NYSE right at your fingertips.

“Thank you for the Comprehensive Stock Warrant List! It’s a real time saver.”  –Tony M. from New York

“Thank you, thank you. This cost about the same as a few option trades, and it saved me hours and hours. And the eBook was great! I loved your use of humor in the book.”  –Jack S. from Indiana

“This list saves me a ton of time and I found two warrants for companies I was going to invest in that I didn’t even know had warrants. I leveraged my investment and made 10% in a month when the stock moved up 4%. Just paid for my vacation this year!”  –Shannon G. from California

“This list of warrants is a great value for me. Thank you, and thank you for all the information you share for free on your warrant site.”  –Amit J. from South Carolina

This comprehensive database of warrants gives you the company name, symbol, warrant symbol, unit symbol, strike price, expiration date, links to many of the company filed SEC documents containing the warrant information, and more for:

  • All warrants trading on the NYSE
  • All warrants trading on he NASDAQ National Market
  • All SPACs trading on the NYSE, and
  • All SPACs trading on the NASDAQ National Market

In all that’s over 150 warrants / units currently trading (the exact number varies as warrants are added and expire). You’ll have access to my real-time database that is continually updated every week. The list of warrants includes only U.S. traded warrants and doesn’t include pink sheet / bulletin board warrants.

Second, let’s talk about how you learn to trade warrants.

In addition to the warrant database subscription, you’ll also receive my book, Grow and Protect Your Money with Stock Warrants. I’ve put together a step-by-step process that walks you through exactly how to identify profitable warrants and how to trade them.  You’ll learn all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past 25 years.

While you’ll get the step-by-step material in the book, you’ll also have email access to me for any questions you may have as you learn to trade warrants. I love to talk warrants, and am happy to go into excruciating detail, so fire away!

My book walks you step-by-step through:

  • Warrant Arbitrage
  • The Percentage Hedge (sounds scarier than it is)
  • Trading a Warrant Expiration
  • Trading a Rights Offering
  • Trading a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company)
  • …and more

In addition to the book, you’ll also get my Warrant Checklist. This is the checklist I have personally developed to guide you through exactly what to do from the second you find a warrant that may be a money maker!

This checklist is invaluable, and has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes when trading warrants. This checklist, used in conjunction with the warrant database and Grow and Protect Your Money with Stock Warrants is all you’ll ever need to make money trading stock warrants.

In all you’ll get access to:

  • The Complete Stock Warrant Database continually updated with new warrants and SPACs 
  • Grow and Protect Your Money with Stock Warrants
  • The Warrant Checklist
  • Email access to Me to Get Any Questions Answered, and
  • …and Exclusive New Content Updated Regularly


Not ready to pull the trigger, let’s break this down:

1. The Complete Stock Warrant Database

As described above, access to the database alone, if you are at all interested in trading or investing in warrants, is more valuable than the $40 per month membership. I spend several hours each month updating the database, so you can calculate the value for yourself.

How much do you make per hour? Multiply that by 4 (at a minimum, the number of hours I spend per month updating the database) and that is how much it’s worth to you. For most of you I would think that the database pays for itself in spades each month.

Or, you can look at it this way. If you find one warrant to trade through the database, and you make just $1,000 on that warrant, you just made $520 over the full cost of the database for one whole year.

2. Grow and Protect Your Money with Stock Warrants

If you’ve already read my book then you know the value I provide in this step-by-step guide to trading warrants. All the feedback I’ve gotten from the book has been very positive (they like me, they really like me), and more importantly it has been positive for the style I hoped to convey in the book.

I tried to write it almost like a cookbook. I lay out the ingredients (warrants, common stock, options, etc.) first and then walk you step-by-step through how to make money with those ingredients.

Many of my friends have suggested that I should teach. While I have not done that officially (other than substitute Sunday School teaching when I was 12) I have tried to make the book understandable to a trader or investor of any level, and just as importantly, the strategies I lay out in the book are actionable.

That means you, whatever you may know about stocks, options, and warrants (even if it is nothing right now) can make money trading warrants in the next 6 months.

3. The Warrant Checklist

In the Warrant Checklist you’ll find a distillation of the steps I take when trading a warrant. Let’s say you don’t want to read Grow and Protect Your Money with Stock Warrants, even though it is an excellent and fun read, really, it is…then no problem. I’ve put the step-by-step formula into a simple checklist.

This checklist takes the anxiety out of trading. It’s something I wish I had when I started trading warrants, and something I was very excited to put together for myself after trading warrants for many years.

If you think warrants are some exotic instrument that can’t be trusted, this checklist will take all the mystery away, and turn the process into something more akin to following directions with Waze. We’ll go the most direct route, in the least amount of time, and the destination being dollar signs…OK, cheesy, but you get the idea.

The goal is to make getting the money boring, and then get to exciting and risky when spending it (or you can save for retirement if you prefer, always a lofty ambition).

4. Email Access to Me to Get Any Questions Answered

When I was starting out as a novice investor I didn’t really have anyone to bounce investment ideas off of. I did not grow up in a family that talked about portfolio rebalancing and the latest hot tech stock (like there were tech stocks back then to talk about, ha).

The first stock I ever bought was one I had read about on the Motley Fool site. I subsequently held it as it went to zero, oh the shame. (Free of charge, pro tip trading lesson for you, never hold something to zero.)

I took all the money I made on that stock (right, $0, so I got a student loan) and went to law school where I focused on securities law.

From there it was off to work for the securities regulators, internship at the SEC and then a job at what is now FINRA (at the time it was NASD Regulation). Hang with me, I’m not walking you through an abbreviated tour of my resume for nothing.

I learned a lot working in regulation. One of those things is that regulators don’t actually know much about trading / investing, and that was what I was interested in.

So, it was time to pack the bags and move to NYC. I landed a trader position on the NASDAQ desk at Fidelity and learned the art of market making. And, it just so happened that the head of the desk was an expert in, drum roll please, warrant trading.

This was during the dotcom boom, so most of the hotshot young traders on the floor were not exactly interested in making a few thousand dollars risk free when they could make tens of thousands trading AMZN and GOOG.

To this day I still remember the head trader yelling out to one of the traders on the desk (each trader has a list of stocks that he is responsible for) that he could buy a warrant at a discount to what the stock was currently trading at, short the stock, and make a risk free profit (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can read the explanation in my book).

The trader replied thanks, but he was good.  It was like me pointing out a $20 bill lying on the ground to my son and him saying, “nah, I’m good” and walking past it. That would never happen by the way.

This head trader subsequently left Fidelity to start his own hedge fund focusing on warrant/stock/option arbitrage. So, seeking an opportunity to both make money and learn a skill, I followed him to his hedge fund where I could ask any question I had about warrants, options and stocks of one of the very few warrant trading masters on Wall Street.

What was the ability to ask questions about warrants worth to me? Well, monetarily I had one month (the actual work / trading took place over about 3 days in that month) in which I took home $50,000 from trading one warrant. And that was only 40% of the profit I made in those 3 days.

But the actual worth was so much more than the money I made working there. It was the knowledge I took with me. It was definitely the incarnation of the whole teach a man to fish thing. You know what I’m talking about.

You see where I’m going, right?  Is access to all of  that accumulated knowledge worth $40 a month to you?

Warrant Database, Grow and Protect Your Money with Stock Warrants, Warrant Checklist, and me answering your questions on warrant, option, and stock trading strategies, AND exclusive content written by me that only you have access to…really, what are you waiting for. Let’s do this.



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  1. Greg says:

    How many pages is your book and what format is it in?

  2. ND says:

    Do you have plans to include OTC stocks ?

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    HI, im interested but am not comfortable putting my credit card info, do you accept any other form of payment, maybe paypal? Thanks

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